July Releases

July saw two releases from author Michael Coorlim:’

Oh-Human-Child Oh Human Child

When six-year-old Ethan is kidnapped by faeries, Jacob knows that he can’t rely on the police or his parents to rescue him. Assisted only by his best friend Tyler, he’s willing to brave trolls, witches, and even the entire elvish host to bring his brother back.

Oh Human Child is an urban fantasy short story.


jerichocoverJericho Rising

Hero Historia is an alternate history superhero web serial spanning the course of human events from prehistory to the modern era.

Jericho Rising tells the story of Clay, a young hunter from the Bear Clan as he comes of age in a world of savage warfare between Clan champions imbued with the power of their totem spirits. When his father falls, will Clay be the one to take up the mantle of Bear? Or will that honor go to one of his brothers, instead?

This work collects all twelve chapters of the first volume of the Hero Historia serial. It includes thirteen bonus pages of supplementary material available for the first time.

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