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Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken audio drama

Burning Brigid Media is producing an audio drama adaptation of Michael Coorlim’s steampunk western novel, Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. The adaptation is the first serial in their Synesthesia Theatre serial anthology podcast, available through iTunes and on Android. If you liked the book, strongly consider giving the full-cast audio drama adaptation a listen. It […]

Site Redesign

As you may have noticed, Pomoconsumption Press’s menus and front page have changed. It’s a new look, and we’re still tinkering with it, so anticipate potential future changes. On a deeper level we’re expanding a bit beyond fiction. After the success of last year’s first nonfiction release, Literary RPG Theory, we’re going to be producing […]

Literary RPG Structure released

Literary RPG Structure is the first title from the Last Minute GM series of system-agnostic role-playing game supplements. It covers the use of literary fiction techniques in the creation of role-playing game scenarios. If you’re a gamer or a writer (or both), check it out!

Ghosts of Shaolin released

Michael Coorlim has released the fifth Galvanic Century book. James Wainwright always considered himself a working-class engineer playing at detective, never taking the vocation for more than an idle hobby and opportunity to test some of his steampunk inventions. His investigations have always been more of a means of humoring his business partner, idle toff […]

July Releases

July saw two releases from author Michael Coorlim:’ Oh Human Child When six-year-old Ethan is kidnapped by faeries, Jacob knows that he can’t rely on the police or his parents to rescue him. Assisted only by his best friend Tyler, he’s willing to brave trolls, witches, and even the entire elvish host to bring his […]

Welcome to the new Pomoconsumption Press

The Pomoconsumption Press site has gotten a major overhaul recently, and now features a new layout and improved navigation for all of our releases. No more are audiobooks treated like second-class citizens, relegated to some dark corner, but instead our growing library is trumpeted proudly from our main banner menu. We’re also sporting an improved […]