Ghosts of Shaolin Paperback

Ghosts of Shaolin Paperback
Series: Galvanic Century, Book 5
Genres: Steampunk, Thriller
Length: 188 pages
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 1512038091
James Wainwright always considered himself a working-class engineer playing at detective, never taking the vocation for more than an idle hobby and opportunity to test some of his steampunk inventions. His investigations have always been more of a means of humoring his business partner, idle toff Alton Bartleby. That was before his adopted daughter Xin Yan was taken.
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James Wainwright never thought of himself a father, he’s grown to love and cherish Xin Yan, the girl he rescued all those years ago. When she’s taken from him, first by the courts, then by Triad kidnappers, the engineer will stop at nothing to get her back.

He’ll go from Chinatown to Hong Kong to Beijing, fearlessly contending with gangsters, rogue inventors, monks, and heads of state, letting none deter him.

It’ll take more than stubbornness and the brute tactics of a berserker to succeed in the Republic of China, though – James will first have to master himself.

And if he fails, he risks losing his daughter, the last tenuous strand connecting him to his humanity, the only bulwark he has against the madness to which inventors of his ilk all too often succumb.

Ghosts of Shaolin is the fifth Galvanic Century novel, but is suitable as a starting point for new readers. If you’d prefer to read the rest of the series first, books 1-4 are collected in the Steampunk Omnibus.

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